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December 02, 2007


Ha, I had to come to the very start to find out why the red thread! And you mean, that red thread? Interesting. Particularly because I never paid my attention to that "story", as it was too passive for my taste, because a girl was to wait until the red thread guy showed up one day. But I take your point, and now I have to follow you from here to May 2010.

Dear Maureen, thank you! I appreciate the encouragement.

Dear Nancilyn, thank you as well.

Susie, I will look at and would be happy to share any information.

Mara, thank you. My friend's wife is Japanese and he characterized the story of the red thread as very much Japanese, and about meeting your soul mate, but I've seen it since mentioned as Chinese, and it seems to have become very meaningful in the Chinese adoption community. I have obviously taken some liberties with it . . .it's a lovely and very compelling concept. How are things in Beijing? I got to visit Hong Kong in July and hope to see much more of Asia.

Elaine, interesting thoughts which have spurred an interesting discussion on Sharon B's blog. By the way, the red thread saying is Chinese, not Japanese...... Also, in its purest historical form, the saying actually refers to a red thread that joins two soulmates who are destined to meet and marry, but in modern times, and especially because of western interpretation of the saying, many people now believe it has a broader meaning of attachment between people, although that was not the original interpretation. Cheers, Mara (in Beijing)

Thanks for the thoughtful entry to the blogging world. I hope you'll visit Art Cloth Network and consider it a resource. The network is a small group of artists who make art cloth (some do other stuff, others keep it pure and complex!). We are about to open the group to a few new members and I'd like to post the information here on your blog if you are interested. thanks, Susie Monday

I love the story behind your blog title and look forward to the ensuing pursuit of the red thread as an adventuresome journey!

I'll be back to read more fascinating blogging.
I enjoyed this one very much.


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