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March 15, 2008


Have been hoping you are fully on the mend.

first of all, i hope you are feeling better.
as far as green goes, it has turned into a business like everything else. i work in the textile industry and i am all to familiar with the bullshit behind green/ organic products. it is all very misleading. the companies that offer them do it for the money figuring the 60's baby boomers have matured ad have money and have inspired another generation of mindful people. the consumer might pay but can't at this point.... but what is the point in throwing out stuff to buy green stuff, isn't that more trash? i say lets all move back to the forest while we still can.

Thanks for the link to the article. This whole issue of green consumerism drives me nuts. I try to follow the idea of voluntary simplicity in my life (except i fall off the wagon a bit when it comes to craft supplies)- i dont often buy organic because it is too expensive, but I try to buy stuff that will last, we dont buy very much of it, and we wear it out. I was reading a blog yesterday - reviewing organic/ enviro cleaning products and she reviewed paper towel (BTW said it was no good).One of the comments was - why not use a cloth - reusable/washable etc - and her response was - she couldnt bear to do it and she'd rather wipe down her kitchen benches with paper- i found the whole thing ridiculous, and she lost credibility right there (she was also reviewing green version of cosmetics and cleaning products that I didnt even realise you need!). I think everybody needs to remember frugality is not a dirty word - its a way to be green, and you are probably better off cleaning your home with vinegar and bicarb, and an old cloth nappy (even if its non organic) than buying 8 different enviro cleaners and recycled paper towel. sorry about the rant...and its not even textile related. hope you are feeling better soon - looking forward to reading more about slow cloth

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