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June 04, 2008


thanks for the links. i really love margaret's work too.

So, yeah. In December and January I had all "those" tests we're encouraged to get at the half-century mark and felt so hugely relieved when they didn't reveal anything in need of fixing. And then ... my body started talking about what DOES need fixing - spent my first-ever overnight hospital visit earlier this week, book-ended by two ER visits. Am now adjusting to necessary medications that make me think about something you said awhile back about having to adjust your view of what certain dis-orders mean - who gets them, etc.

I am hoping that I have the courage and also the insight to go on listening to my body... getting in right under the wire, here, with just a few weeks left until my 51st solar return!

In an effort to diagnose some digestion problems I was having (I ended up having gall bladder surgery), I had a colonoscopy two years ago. I'm glad I did... they found an abnormal polyp.
What if I hand't had a colocscopy that early? What if when I finally turned 50 five years later I'd been embarrased and put it off?
You're right... attend to your body.
Now... to schedule that mammogram I've been putting off. Thanks for the kick in the pants (uhm... possible really bad pun there).

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