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July 26, 2008


Oh yes, Beauty does indeed restore the World.

Beautiful post, beautiful blog :o)

I went to deena's website and read several of her articles and ordered Writing for your Life from our library. Amazing writer and woman.

...i got it a bit twisted but i operate on the premise of that which heals IS beauty and no less. guess it is the same thing. great post and i do so much like Jackie's stitching.

another significant commonality. I think that particular book of Deena's is the one that's influence me the most, writing-wise. In a similar vein Life's Companion (Christina Baldwin) is also quite wonderful but I love Deena's style and her self-presentation just rocks so damn hard ...

have been unplugged for a while, and i love what you've done with "your place" while i've been away! especially enjoy your 10 qualities of slow cloth and this most timely validation of the place for beauty in healing. just 3 days ago, i picked up metzger's book off my shelf and took a right-here-right-now vacation as i sat to thumb through it again, reading from whatever page opened before me. it's a classic. no doubt about it.

Jackie, thank you for sharing your beautiful and delightful work.

Deb and Bobbi, thank you for writing -- I do recommend going to deenametzger.com and reading her talk on The Soul of Medicine. The link is right there on the home page. She talks about the idea of a sacred illness, and it's profound. She's a breast cancer survivor and her husband is living with MS. Take good care of yourselves, Lainie

Your post is perfectly timed for me as well since I'm just hanging what I've taken to calling (in my head anyway) my cancer show.
I know that beauty and healing work hand in hand but it's lovely to have agreement from other artists.

Thanks for this post. I've been introspecting on the healing aspects of making craft as opposed to the work of making art.
"Opposed" is not the right word here. What I mean is "someplace different on the path of doing".

Your blog and dogdaisychain are both part of my regular blogroll.

Thank you..I'm very flattered!
I love Hundertwasser, and hadn't deliberately set out to emulate him, but I suppose if you like certain things and immerse yourself in them you are bound to absorb and be influenced by them.
I love pattern and colour so Klimt, Mackintosh, and the like are obvious muses.

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