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September 24, 2008


"Be careful what you wish for, right? And how you make the wish."

Heard this before. With time, I have come to think that being able to wish is a good thing, as is being able to act :o)

Hi Jude and Helene - nice to hear from you.

Jude, I've replaced the Shining Cloth Gallery link and tested it, so it should work now. It's a great site.

The irony with Typepad is that I insisted on getting the new platform because they kept hyping it as the greatest thing ever -- and I really wanted to be able to set links to open in new windows. Be careful what you wish for, right? And how you make the wish.

A fascinating quote and website on shiny surfaces, love it.

I use blogspot and never have problems.

love all the info on shine, i can't get the shining cloth gallery link to work. the page is just static when i get there.
i don't have the new typepad editor yet. i guess they are upgrading at random to test it out. don't you love being a guinea pig?

Thanks, everyone, for the advice on blog platforms. Are all of you using the programs you recommend on a Mac, and not a brand-new Mac?

Heather, anyone who is an SDA member can attend the conference - give it some thought - it looks wonderful.

I have seen Victoria Rivers talk a couple of times and she's absolutely delightful. Lucky you!

I would recommend either the web version of wordpress (which is easier than the actual program) and blogger. Both will literally suck in your old posts and give you options on formatting, etc.
I like blogger because it tends to rank a little higher in search results. If that's not a huge concern, Wordpress usually looks a bit nicer! :)
They're both great!

I use Wordpress and have had no problems.

Don't go to all the trouble of switching.

Simply compose (and save) in notepad or something equally prosy, then just copy and paste the post, that way, if Typepad is feeling hungry or mean, nothing is lost but a few seconds. I hate to speak kindly of any online service but I have found plain ole Blogger to be 99% without headache since '05 - then, I don't ask much of it.

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