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November 17, 2008


Thanks for sharing this information...I especially like the block printed fabrics.

I owned an original Marimekko dress in 1972. A long dress out of slightly stiff cotton and the pattern was an outbreak of pink and raspberry red worms in agony. Wonder what it would be worth today...

Mmmm ... spoonflower sounds like it could be a wonderful resource as I continue in my textiles degree. Or maybe just a fun daliance?

Oh, ooooops . . . of course it's Finland. I'll fix that right away. Thank you for the correction and the very kind words! My apologies to the Finnish textile masters and your family of weavers. Send photos of weavings if you like, anytime.

I've been loving your blog for some time. Though I'm not a fabric artist per se, except for some batiking I did a long time ago, I love textiles. They are part of my Finnish heritage, with many weavers in my family. And of course, there is Marimekko from Finland (not Sweden). Thanks for the always interesting and informative and inspiring, Elaine!

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