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December 28, 2008


I think perhaps the return to basics and ethnic styles is our way of grounding ourselves again, finding our roots. All those earthy colors and textures remind us where we came from or where we would like to return to. I love white modern rooms but we do just sort of float through them...they don't exist so to speak the same way a room full of slotech does.

Interesting article! Any trend that encourages recycling and handmade textiles and quilts appeals to me.

Happy New Year, Lainie!

I'm looking forward to an end of the Sixties-/Seventies retro style. It is still strong in the living concepts. I hope it will be replaced by the desirable trends you're predicting. Although it is inevitable that there is a fashion for homes, I'd rather see individual styles.

Hm... it seems every part of the world will bring a piece to fashion. Great. I am all for russian embroidery.

Happy New Year !

Hi all - Bobbi, I like the warm colors too, but it seems the cool palette of blue and white and snowflakes will be popular too --

Thanks Judy - yes, I think the trends speak well for textile and color lovers.

Hi Jude, that's an excellent point -- shall we call it the "slow paradox"? That's worth a whole post, maybe a good one for SlowPlanet.com.

Happy new year, everyone.

well, it is a bit too funny to me because i used to do these forecasts when i was a fabric designer for the fashion industry. it seems slow is creeping in to all areas of design, the weird thing is the process to market has to be faster than ever....strange contrasts.
there are real snowflakes here right now. nature is one up on all of us!

Thanks Elaine for this post. I found it very interesting and affirmative.

Hey there Heather -- I always appreciate your comments. Personally, I wish I had the money to do some decorating -- and knew where I'd be in six months -- but I do love reading trend forecasts. Have to admit the snowflakes caught me by surprise, if it's out there already I've missed it.

Trend forecasts are always an interesting thing to read. Personally, I try for timeless and really thought more than twice about putting stainless in my kitchen. But I do like that they mentioned SlowTec. Now let's just hope at least that concept lasts.

Slow tech...I like the concept...and oranges and reds for colors...and wood for furnishings.

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