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December 17, 2008


I'm afraid I have no suggestions or solutions for our wasteful attitude problems (though I do love the advice given the supermodel), but I do want to asssure you....
What you produce with your hands and heart and creative spirit is not the same as the Pier1 things. It's not. And any other discerning eye and heart will know that. This sounds quite trite... but it isn't meant that way. I prize the items that others have hand made for me... I can see the care that is sewn/glued/stapled into it. They have a weight to them... a sense of realness...
But I think you do know that. That's why you are compelled to do what you do.

That Times article was very interesting, nothing that I didn't know of before really, but it's an important issue!

Love the last line: “If we spent exactly double the amount of money on each garment and bought exactly half as many garments, nobody would be impoverished by that.” It is so true.

Hi M-L! Thank you -- yes, it's been a traumatic week, but all is well.
I thought of you as I wrote the post - I hope you'll write about the line too, as your perspective is so wonderful, and you know the language and culture.. I love regional fairy tales and legends, and the designs are so colorful and alive.

Oh, you beat me to posting about the new Marimekko collection! It really is quite different from the early years of their large bold abstract shapes. I love the references to the Kalevala myths.

Glad your guardian angels have been alert, what scares you've had!

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