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December 02, 2008


I enjoy reading your blog and always seem to learn something new and intriguing :) Contrats on you anniversary!

congratulations on one year, and many more to come!

well, a whole year, how about that. time flies when your having fun! ha! i missed my 2nd year anniversary, maybe i will shift it to a new years celebration, it will be easier to remember. it is great to have you in the textile-cyber-world. you are a great contributor to the community. i look forward to your next year.

Congrats on your anniversary. Your words have led me to some interesting places, and it warms my heart to know there is someone out there who loves textiles as much as I do. All the best for the next year. (And every time I use an exclamation mark, I think of you and delete it.)

It's I who should be thanking you. I have enjoyed reading not only your blog, but other blogs that you have so generously pointed the way to. You have enriched my reading and stoked my curiosity so often about such a realm of subjects...

Thank you and congratulations on your "Blogiversary"!

Meeting people and writing your thoughts - that's what blogging is about. Congratulations!

Yes, meeting people and exploring your thoughts - that is what blogging is all about. Congratulations!

Happy first blogiversary! Thank you for such beauty here!

Congrats on the one year of blogging!! May you enjoy many more!

oh my...it seems like I've been "visiting" for much longer than just a year!
Thank you so much for creating one of my favorite blogs and for stirring my sluggish brain cells once in a while, lol!

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  • Joy
    Slow Cloth has the possibility of joy in the process. In other words, the journey matters as much as the destination.
  • Contemplation
    Slow Cloth offers the quality of meditation or contemplation in the process.
  • Skill
    Slow Cloth involves skill and has the possibility of mastery.
  • Diversity
    Slow Cloth acknowledges the rich diversity and multicultural history of textile art.
  • Teaching
    Slow Cloth honors its teachers and lineage even in its most contemporary expressions.
  • Materials
    Slow Cloth is thoughtful in its use of materials and respects their source.
  • Quality
    Slow Cloth artists, designers, crafters and artisans want to make things that last and are well-made.
  • Beauty
    It's in the eye of the beholder, yes, but it's in our nature to reach for beauty and create it where we can.
  • Community
    Slow Cloth supports community by sharing knowledge and respecting relationships.
  • Expression
    Slow Cloth is expressive of individuals and/or cultures. The human creative force is reflected and evident in the work.


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