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December 31, 2008


Hi Jude, Happy new year! I was quite satisfied with Typepad (except that I wanted to be able to open links in a new windwow) until their "new and improved" version took over. Since then it's been like termites infesting a house -- problem after problem, and eventually you have to move.

although i have never really had much trouble with typepad, i will be glad to hear how you make out with wordpress......

Well, here's wishing that some good comes from the Typepad debacle, and that aside, may you continue to bring us joy in 2009. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone - thank you for your comments - the auto-save feature is supposed to save the copy, so as to avoid having to type it in a word document first. Besides, and this is very amusing, the only browser that will work on my Mac with Typepad is Opera, and if you cut and paste from MSWord into Opera, you get only Asian characters (no, it doesn't matter what font you write the document in).
I loathe Typepad completely, especially because all they do is brag about how great they are and how much everyone loves them. Even the most amateur PR person knows you don't do that - you let other people decide if you're great or not, and you just do your job. Which they fail at. Miserably. And the more "improvements" they make, the worse it gets.
However, onward we go. It's a new year and I will have to move the blog soon or give it up. Thank you all for coming by and reading on this holiday, and have a wonderful day and a fantastic year.

Oh that is the worst when it happens. I pre-write everything in a text document then copy and paste the lot into my window. I do it with what ever blogging software I use. In the past via work and for personal reasons I have used Typepad, Wordpress, Blogger, Movable type, and my own blog is now on Squarespace. I love it. That said however inaminuteago was on wordpress free for a very long time and it was a very good platform and dare I say a tad more reliable...

bugger. wordpress is good, and free, and i type everything in word so it is saved as a word doc as well as on my blog. anyway happy new year and here's to a great 09.

Happy new year Bobbi - it wasn't really the best post ever, I was just being facetious. It was probably boring to anyone but me. But yes, Typepad has me frustrated beyond belief.

sorry to hear about the post...it must be incredibly frustrating to write such a wonderful one and then have it just disappear!
hope next year is better...;)

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