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January 30, 2009


Yes, indeed, Philippa - thanks for your comment.

A friend of mine thinks we should be in a barter economy -- I'm not ready to go that far, but maybe we should say it's the age of creating and connecting. As Morna says, we still want to have a way to trade value for value, we just want it to be a more authentic exchange.

Laine, your post is just so true - and let's not forget how infinitely more satisfying an afternoon creating in the sewing room or studio or on the counch is, when compared to mindlessly wandering around the malls and shops. Just no contest!

Happy creating!

Hi everyone, thank you for the wonderful comments. And yes, Morna, good thinking . . . I think we are in agreement. This isn't about scarcity, but a new form of wealth and resourcefulness that isn't measured by having a McMansion or a $4,000 purse.

e14, your blog is lovely. Thanks for commenting.

New post coming soon . . .

Can we qualify that a bit, please? Say the age of grotesque consumption is over. But the age of supporting makers of goods, the age of acquiring artisan-made items, for oneself or as gifts, is just getting ready to blossom more and more. Can we say that? Even if it is only wishful thinking?

Yes, yes, yes. You are so right.

What a lovely and thoughtful post--thanks for sharing an attitude that both inspires and enlightens

By clicking here and there from various comments and bloggers, I landed here and found some inspiration and shared interests. Just wanted to say hello!


love this post lainie. it is so true. and i love all those ladies sitting around cooking up a quilt and having a real conversation. i think as i said on one of my recent posts...if you live in the heart of something...it is easier to ignore the chaos on the edge. time to find the center and spin with it.

That's nice. Yes, that's how I feel about the whole thing. I still have my job for now, and one of the young tech guys where I work actually reads my blog... he said to me, "I think art really is the only worthwhile thing." Feels real to me!

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