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February 08, 2009


Well sometimes venting or ranting can really help release some of your frustration or anxiety. I had a mini breakdown today when both my sales staff decided not to show up for the second day in a row, two clothes for the Spring collection shoot are still not ready, I have been making the props for the shoot by hand and they don't look great at all (looks like a 10 year old made them) and in an hour I have to go pick up the model so she can get her beauty sleep for the shoot tomorrow.
And I feel a weird jealous when I read about young stylists who at age 26 are traveling around the world to clothe people in Stella McCartney. Why I am doing things the hard way? There, I just ranted on your blog!

I like your writing very much (and I'm not just saying this to make you feel good)...both the craft oriented posts and the philosophical ones. And in these trying times, it feels very good indeed to come across so many kindred spirits in the blogosphere.

Your dream sounds like a very positive portent to me. I did drop by your blog several times last week, and although I was disappointed that there wasn't something new from you, I did enjoy exploring some of the links that I don't usually have time for. (But I'd rather be reading something from you.)Don't give up!

it is the time of year that makes all this stuff seem worse. i know.

Suspecting that you won't have to look far for the meaning, I'll pass today's Tarot card, the Ace of Cups, along to you.

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