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February 15, 2009


As the others said! "Cloak- woven fabric" sounds new to my ears. I love the textures and patterns of the weaving. It would be lovely to have these fabrics for sewing one's own projects too.

Mmmmm - the gold/black coat and the blue/white coats are delicious. I'm curious to click on the link and see if they have a store in Buenos Aires to visit when I'm there. And please keep posting whatever you like here - it is a delight to both get to know you better and to see your lovely textiles finds. (And that quote is wonderful, I agree.)

I love the sites you post (that first coat is incredible), I truly value your voice and outlook and eye for real craftsmanship and "slow cloth". I think the struggle you experience is a necessary part of searching for authenticity in a culture of superficial quick fixes, and I think it is entirely valid and valuable for you to struggle out loud on this blog.

What amazing garments - thank you for the link. I must confess I never visited your other blog, don't think I knew it was there. And I do agree with you about the so-called sustainable fashion movement. I think a lot of it is greenwash - ie. "organic" cotton t-shirts produced without certification in Chinese sweatshops are no less reprehensible than non-organic, and fibres such as bamboo and tencel are highly processed - again, in countries with lax health and safety standards.

Oh, I could go off on a rant, sorry. I think if you post about sustainable textiles and apparel on this blog I will be very happy.

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