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February 20, 2009


My question is how do you find the time and energy to get creative when the "real" world takes over your life? I'm a mom, wife, grandmother, sister, friend, and a working nurse. It has been months since I've been in the studio. At first it's because there's no time or energy left after a long day to get in there. Then it's just plain hard to get motivated. I think I've lost my mojo. How do you get that back? And then keep it?

It is why I call my "studio" my work room- it is the place I do the work- I have been avoiding going in there these last months for various reasons- but last week necessity visited and guess what: I am working, being productive and I can see again and ideas are arriving. There is another book lurking...

You are reminding me of when I was in college. I was well into my thirties at that point, majoring in fine art. I had many class mates who were somewhere in the 18-20 year old range. They certainly spent more time partying than making art. But man, they looked SO cool. (I wonder if ny of them are still making art?)

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    Slow Cloth has the possibility of joy in the process. In other words, the journey matters as much as the destination.
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  • Community
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  • Expression
    Slow Cloth is expressive of individuals and/or cultures. The human creative force is reflected and evident in the work.


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