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March 29, 2009


i would be very happy to build a house of fabric.
i think it is the density of felt that intrigues me.

I recall (I think on one of those housing design channels) a story on a woman who moved to the dessert and lived in a yurt. There is a company that does make and install them.
It was interesting... Hers was while technically movable, set up to be permanent, and the inside seemed comfortable and homey.
As I recall she was still happy living there after a year or so, but the dessert had presented her with some challenges. Particularly in terms of wild animals (she'd lost her cat to a large bird, and had to get two guard dogs to keep away the coyotes).

Beautiful textiles, and such an amazing project - wish I could see this!

Wow Deb - that is incredible. Thank you! I'm glad it doesn't have ambient scent, though, since the smell of dirty wet wool is pretty hard to take.

Also, I realize in my post I'm totally romanticizing the whole nomadic living-in-a-yurt thing -- I'm not suggesting we should be living in yurts, just that they're very interesting feats of architecture and resourcefulness.

You'll love this then:


(the ambient sound is a great part of the charm)

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