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April 03, 2009



I have just spent several hours catching up with your blog and many of the amazing links that you provide. What a journey you've been on! I had no idea. Got to check in more often. It's so amazing to me also that you posted this image by Moyo Ogundipe. I'm in a class this semester in which we're studying artists from cultures outside the Western Europe/United States art stronghold, and my professor is a close friend of his and showed many of his paintings when we were talking about Yoruba aesthetics. She calls him her "brother." He has work in the Denver Art Museum which is on my must-see list. I don't know if it's currently on exhibit or not.

Sounds like your visit has its ups and downs, but what an opportunity to see some wonderful art. I'm truly envious!

Hi Lainie--Thank you for the link!
Visiting your site is always a pleasure, and exploring your links, creations, and observations is a revelatory experience! jd

Thank you Marja-Leena - haven't seen the exhibition yet, nor do I have any connection with Yoshido Wada; she's quite a well-known shibori artist and teacher, and I'm just a blogger. But thanks for the positive energy.

What a gorgeous exhibition, how fortunate that you were able to visit that! And I can see you've made a new connection with the Japanese artist on a subject dear to you, and found an inspiration for your book! All good things coming your way....

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