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July 19, 2009


I really like that comment. I think a lot of the frustration to get things done stems from why it's being made. To sell? Must get more done. For self sufficiency? Might be a time line. For the pleasure of making? Doesn't really matter.... Of course, there is also the why do we want something? Just to have more? Because it gives pleasure? Because it is useful?

health definitely trumps most everything-

of course i have a lot to say about this. but to make it short, getting more done is starting to get to me. health-wise. and now i have to run which makes it worse.....

sometimes the universe is more literal than we think. it pays to get specific!

this is an interesting topic for me as well. as someone who strives to remain independent and self supporting with my *art* work, there is the constant reminder that i am creating more stuff to sell. so far (for 32ish years) it has worked. a milestone in itself.

i justify it by doing more teaching, sharing the creative spirit through my work- making things that can be taken and used to create by others. but still, i wonder.

the thought of not doing it literally makes me queasy.

That's funny because I was just reading a meditation book the other day and the following passage struck me:

"Thich Nhat Hanh, uses the example of washing the dishes . When a visiting friend once asked him if he could do the dishes after a meal, Nhat Hahn agreed on the condition that he do the dishes in the right way. He must do the dishes to do the dishes, not to get them finished and get on with something else."

So, maybe slow cloth is mindful art?

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