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August 22, 2009


I am very happy that I found you blog. It is always a pleasure to read. I have Google Reader which is a lovely tool, trough which I am alerted when my favorite bloggers post.
I am Scandinavian...from Iceland, living in the US. I agree with you about the health care mess here in the US. Let's hope that our amazing President is able to get this important bill on his desk for his signature.
I belong to http://www.womenforwomen.org/ through which I have sponsored 3 women from Africa. One gives a contribution each month for a year to one woman, with whom one corresponds. There are also classes and direct support for the women. They are a wonderful organization. That is one option.
Count me in if and when you decide to start a micro loan group. I also have heard wonderful things about Kiva.

I too want to add my voice in support of you and your wonderful blog. I find it a veritable treasure trove that inevitably leads me to something I would not otherwise have found.

It's so easy to be critical of ourselves (a real speciality of women I sometimes think)and think that we should be able to do more. There will never be enough time to do all we want and think we should. I'd like you to be reassured though that what you do on this blog is greatly appreciated and always thought provoking. There is more than enough quality content on here to last us all until you are next able to get to it.

Ease up on yourself and bask in the glow of the enjoyment that I and others get from your efforts.

Take care

Would just like to add my support as well. I so much enjoy reading your blog and visiting all the interesting sites you post.

I hope that the day job gets better, and that somehow all the good thoughts from all your friends out here in cyberspace make their way to you.

I'd love to get involved with the Kiva idea as well.

I always enjoy reading when you have a post up, but never feel impatient when you don't. I can wait until you have the time.
I was thinking... might it not be similar to the ideals of slow cloth... give it the sources it needs (time and energy) to develop, respect the demands of your thoughtful process of writing, and you will have a meaningful and intelligent post. It is worth the wait. Truly.
I was going to mention the idea of Kiva as well... I'm glad to see it brought up.

Yes, I think the Kiva group idea is brilliant and yes, I too , will join and donate. I would love to see more vehicles of women donating to women....


Thank you for your post and for sharing your thoughts on textiles and other important matters.

It's very easy to set up a group on Kiva, an organization that makes microloans to people around the world. My daughters gave me a Kiva gift certificate for Mother's Day, and I used it to make a loan to a women selling fabric in Tanzania. It's amazing what even a small amount of money can do.

I'd join a Kiva group if you started one!

Here's hoping that your job improves and your brother's farm sees better days, and that our president is able to accomplish what we elected him to do.

Your blog is indeed valuable and inspiring, don't ever think it isn't important, Lainie! How worrying, how awful about your brother's farm, thankfully everyone is okay. Thanks always for the links, especially the Maiwa one today. I hope your job eases a bit, do keep up your spirits!

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