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November 07, 2009


Thanks for this thought provoking post! I have caught myself saying i'm "Just" something or other---another word that should be banished, when describing ourselves and what we do.
I hadn't thought about the "addiction" language either---i'm getting rid of my Stash and calling it (raw) materials from now on. I long ago decided i didn't have UFO's, they are Components, more materials to work with.
I think we cannabalize ourselves when we label what we do with these terms-----sooner or later there is little left, eaten up by categorizing and compartmentalizing.

Really appreciate your thoughtful, informative posts! I was thrilled to read the word 'maker' in your recent article. I have been calling myself an artist who makes things, or 'a maker of useful things' for quite awhile, ever since another artist friend of mine who had just graduated from a prestigious art institute with an MFA told me that as a student she had learned that there are several categories that artists can fall into, and it depends partly on personality. She was also a 'maker of things' type of artist. I wish I could tell you what the other categories are. I felt so official once I had a proper title, and I just keep on lovingly making beautiful things. Has anyone else heard of this 'artist type' theory? I'd like to read more about it.

** or even compeled - and I'm going to learn to spell :-)

Great post, I think we are just all so used to using these words we need to make a concerted effort to change. I'm going to take on the suggestions given by Hilly and change from being obsessed to compled and transported.

what's wrong with being passionate about something? and why do people chose any other word in order to avoid using passion and passionate?

Hi Hilly, you make a great point -- and how interesting and lovely that all the words you mention are words that fall into the love and transcendence category. They suggest a passionate relationship with the materials. Nice!

I too object to the use of addiction based words to describe a person's passion, in part because there are so many words that do the job better, Besotted (my favorite) compelled, awestruck, transported, the list goes on and on. Take a tour of your thesaurous and expand your verbal vocbulary just as, as a creator, you expand your vocabulary of skills.

JMs post has a lot of hair going up in flames. Thanks for fanning the fire.

maybe you have just hit the nail on the head regarding this art craft issue. may it is not the activity but the ownership or lack of it. brilliant.

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