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January 05, 2010


As events rush time along, overwhelming us, people embrace SLOW FOOD, even SLOW MONEY ! There is no need to defend the un-rushed ways, but to uphold its value, so that "efficionados" may catch on, (not up), that mindfulness (another kindly buzzing word) take roots among us. Slow is IN ! the cat is out of the bag. Good for her.

Oh, I think "slow" is just the right moniker. I am most familiar with Jude Hill's work, out of all of the above-named artists. Following her posts as she works on a piece has been the best design and spiritual education I can imagine getting. The emphasis on uniqueness over mass-production (and consumption!), the process-based approach, and the endless contemplation of the essential nature of the materials and their many, many (inter)connections--I've tried to incorporate all of these in my work. I look forward to seeing a book that brings together these ideas and related images. Best of luck!

Starting a group on facebook is a great idea- a great way to spread the word. About "slow" cloth, I have a similar problem when I wrestle with the word "handloom" for Brass Tacks. I often wonder what I need to be emphasizing with my brand, because handloom in India, especially for younger women, translates to frumpy and dowdy. Maybe you'll decide what to do once you see the response on facebook. One thing is for sure, that strong idealism will tend to mostly attract only like-minded people (which is fine). But if your goal is to convert others to appreciate the movement and perhaps become a part of it, then it's best to figure out how to appeal to that more mainstream audience. That's my two paise bit :)

Good luck! I'll be following you!

Awesome Lainie and friends. I have joined and I am already enjoying the conversation in the Slow Cloth group. I think you have a great idea that will turn into a great movement. It is making me think more carefully about the projects I want to do and why.

Cool! I just joined and invited a bunch of friends.

Slow and pokey, no. Sedate and peaceful yes.

hi there...your site is what i also have in mind with my page: http://mmmartinique.wordpress.com. My idea is that everyone has a nice shirt at home which he can´t or won´t wear anymore. I sew these "old" clothes into different kinds of bags and give them a second life :-) (The site is in German, but you don´t have to understand the language, the pictures will do) Greetings from Austria, awaiting a Snowstorm :-) Martina

That article looks great! Ill post it to the Facebook group. Thanks for sending it. And all the buses are slow here today--icy roads and sub-zero temperatures, fun.

i'm on the slow bus!!

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  • Joy
    Slow Cloth has the possibility of joy in the process. In other words, the journey matters as much as the destination.
  • Contemplation
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  • Skill
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  • Community
    Slow Cloth supports community by sharing knowledge and respecting relationships.
  • Expression
    Slow Cloth is expressive of individuals and/or cultures. The human creative force is reflected and evident in the work.


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