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February 28, 2010


Love the idea of the iconoclast. I'd heard the word many times before; never truly understood it. I, too, as someone who was never willing to kiss a** to get a promotion, can identify with this personality type. I always thought of myself more as just a cranky person, not wanting to go along with all the cheerleading and forced fun, and wondering why I just couldn't find it within myself to go along to get along. Now I realize this can actually be a good thing!

nice post. look forward to reading your articulations wherever they form.

personally, i like iconoclasts. questioning the status quo helps to keep us from becoming victims of the illusion.

peaceful iconoclast is a good thing to strive for.

Wonderful to see you here and read your wise words, as always. We need more peaceful iconoclasts to come forth.

Good luck with the new blog. I'll be sad to see this lovely one disappear, if that's your intent.

This is the sentence that stands out to me..."Then you can get to work on being the best version of who you are"...I like that very much.

I enjoy your blog and I'm sure I will, whichever way it branches.

So nice to read your blog again, I've missed you. The Slow Cloth group is very interesting but I do enjoy your personal perspective as well. Here's to peaceful iconoclasm, a worthy goal.

here's to whatever we are and have to be.

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