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October 03, 2010


There's only one answer to hatred.......... love.

Not seeing the other person in the flesh, not seeing the face, the eyes -- this is a source of cruelty. Warriors who wear masks may protect their faces, but they provoke even greater cruelty from their opponents.
But if it happens, I better remember that these hostilities have nothing to do with me. They are a projection in my opponent's mind. If this person doesn't know me, what else can this be than a coincidental play of mind, a reflexion of her/his sick hatered? This makes it easier to just stop the communication and not react.

that is important: to end each day without having destroyed another. well spoken...k.

What a powerful essay, Elaine. Sometimes I despair of this world; my country Australia is no different and just now there is a great deal of opposition to the building of a mosque in our town - not a grand affair, just a simple building for worship and gathering. The level of ignorance is incredible and inexcusable and the kind of comments on the internet vary from belligerent to violent to just plain silly. It is sad because I thought we were a multicultural society but just beneath the skin we are very ugly.

Robyn Ayaz

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