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September 04, 2011


What a thought provoking post, Elaine, and one very close to my heart. Over the last 30+ years I've striven to master my weaving and over the last 10 to master weave design.
Sadly, I'm coming across more and more people who say my work should look a little more "hand made"! I've spent all those years working at weaving really, well, and regard myself as a 'master craftsman", only to be told I'd sell better if it was less than perfect. To me that doesn't equate. My USP is that industry can't weave the way I do - simple design with lots of hand manipulation - so all my textiles are totally unique. What more could people want, slow, sustainable, unique?
My most precious complement, was from a fellow woven textile designer, who said, and I quote: "your picking is very good"! Only a weaver could love that!

My greatest joy now is coming from focusing my attention on mastering certain skills used in my artwork. Getting better with each project is incredibly satisfying, and it allows me to keep the work simple which is joyful in itself.

I love the Slow Cloth concept. Thanks for taking time to set up the FB page. I'll go there next.

Everything on and around the loom. But if I were to be not so greedy, I think for now I'd like to learn more about and practice more with merino so that I can manipulate it more, e.g. collapse weave, wet finishing, and shape (rather than color) shibori. Parallel to that, (un)natural dyeing.

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    Slow Cloth has the possibility of joy in the process. In other words, the journey matters as much as the destination.
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